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Duration: 5 Days 4 Nights
Location: Pucón
Price: $245.000Opportunity : $245.000
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Day 1

Arrival in Pucon, after this we will lunch 13:30 about. After entering the cabins from the 15:00 hrs.


13.30 LUNCH: Restaurant Selected

17:00 CANOPY: Activity that involves making a circuit of 12 platforms gliding through the tree canopy at a height of 40 mtrs approx, 2.8 km, en total. This activity meets all safety regulations, includes guides, roundtrip transportation, insurance. Passengers should check with sneakers or closed shoes, in the case of girls hair taken, no jewelry. Duration 2 hours and a half.

20:30 PRICE: selected place, restaurant Pucon.

Night Disc- incluye entrada. Right to a juice or drink, Adults VIP free entry.

Day 2

Breakfast in the cabins (American style breakfast)

Free morning

13:30 Lunch selected place.

16:30 Rancho recreational afternoon "Country Pucon"

PAINTBALL. Paint war game. including 70 Feedback, protective clothing. Antiparras, Semi automatic pistols, instructor or Referee. Activity is to simulate a war where two team involved in order to get the opposing team's flag. Duration 2 hrs aprox, Following this skill will carry out activities, teamwork. Various entertaining activities. (The place is quite spacious can use all the installation).

Time to clean up, change of clothes to continue with a visit to a cultural museum set in the years 1900, lecture tour where you will meet not only the history of Chile of those years but also the history of Pucon, the first settlers, the first families, transportation used at that time and customs of the families of those years, dress, music, etc. Further supported with audiovisual.

Following this we will go to the barbecue area, where we enjoy a rich setting Dinner, roasted stick with accompaniments, different types of meat, salads and drinks.

And finally Aquatic Festival. Tinajas have hot water woods, in a large place full of vegetation, where it is available to students with music speakers or programs can also them their own music and disco lights themed, After this I return to the cabins.

Consider all the above activities are performed in the same sector called "RANCH COUNTRY PUCON" Return to the cabins scheduled to 22:30 about.

Day 3

BREAKFAST in the cabins. American style

13:00 Lunch Restaurant Pucon

16:00.RAFTING BAJO: Water Activity, consists of descending the river Trancura, in the lower reaches of the Rio, Duration 3 hrs and total, team includes complete water, chaleco cortaviento, lifejacket, wellies, guides, transfers and insurance. Maximum 8 people per raft. Total Water 1 time. Students are presented with bathroom suit and towel

PRICE selected restaurant.


Day 4

Breakfast in the cabins. American type

Mañana libre

Lunch: Restaurant in Pucon

14:00 CANYONING: Water activity is lowered 3 cascades of different heights (18 mtrs. 15 mtrs y 13 mtrs approx) y posterior a esto continuar con un Trekking acuático en una cuevas caverna para terminar deslizándonos en toboganes artificiales provocados por la erosión de las piedras producto del flujo de agua.

20:30 CENA restaurant choice.


Day 5

Breakfast and check out.

10:00 Canopy tours: Adventure activity, skill and a lot of adrenaline medium and maximum difficulty among trees, This circuit consists of 15 tests which can be carried out individually or in groups, always full climbing gear, connected to a safety line and supported throughout by expert guides.

LUNCH: Restaurant Pucón.


Prices include taxes, all activities include roundtrip transportation from the cottages. (adventures recreations activities or activities that need to transfer the activity are considered only)

Se incluye transporte desde terminal de buses de Pucón hasta lugar de alojamientos.

All activities include insurance, complete equipment according to each activity,

Each vehicle has insurance regulatory, seat belt, mercedes type SPRINTER. Air conditioning. Year vehicles, accreditation SERNATUR.


Clothing Exchange, bathing suits, towels, feeding activities, photo service. (No activity includes photos, the optional purchase of photography is canceled by dividing the total value of the service people involved in activities)

Does not include changing sheets, no towels.

It is suggested to bring linen change, shoes, consider the area evenings are cold, Beach towels, sunglasses, sunscreen, etc.


  • Activities can be modified at times and days, notice, if any activity not interested, You can remove and adjust the program according to the needs of passengers.
  • The cabins include linen, Cookware, BBQ grill, kitchen to prepare food, can use the full complex, pools, Quincho, aerial green, Wi service- Be, Tv Cable.
  • It includes breakfast in the same resort. American style breakfast.
  • This program includes 4 nights of accommodation with their breakfast, Lunches and dinners, Disc two nights.(including transfers to and from)